The Guardian Story

Our company was born from our experience landscaping throughout the neighborhoods of Moscow. On many occasions, we saw local landscape maintenance company crews arrive on a site, jump out, do a three-minute “mow-and-blow,” and peel out, on to the next job. The homes they left still had weeds in the beds and shrubs that needed pruning. The homeowners they worked for still had to contend with clogged gutters, roof moss, and other home maintenance issues.

In talking with our landscaping clients, we heard their frustration with not being able to find reliable people to help them maintain not only their yards, but their homes as well. Some of the folks we talked to were elderly, or had health problems that left them unable to keep up with their homes’ needs. They were considering selling and perhaps moving into an assisted living facility. Others were busy professionals whose careers extend far beyond 9–5 and ate up their days off. These busy people told us they wanted to spend their free time working on projects of their choice—not on routine lawn care and home maintenance. But they, too, had a hard time finding reliable professionals they could entrust their yards and homes to.

We began to see that there was a real need for a contracted, consistent, and comprehensive approach to helping people keep their homes in top shape. Guardian Property Services strives to be the company that meets that need. We are committed to caring for the outside of a home, as well as giving our clients the help they need on the inside—flipping mattresses, moving furniture, or anything else they need a hand with.

Together, we offer more than five decades of property maintenance experience. We approach each job as if we were working on our own homes. Give us a call, and give your home a Guardian.